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WARNING! SMILES ARE MORE INFECTIOUS #smilesaremoreinfectious

Let’s start a new pandemic condition … of smiles, because I have a feeling that smiles are more infectious and eventually will have a much better outcome for the future we are all dreaming of.

This is not for being ridiculous but rather than hiding because of fear in this time of a pandemic health-threatening situation for humanity my intention is to creating broader awareness of what, we, as human beings actually are capable of handling.

​Somehow we forgot our inherited cultural knowledge on behalf of the industrial development (or should we call it modern enslavement) and now is the time to re-learn from our ancient cultures and understand from the modern research. [Sixth Sun]

We are having so many opportunities to handle this situation to the largest advantage for humanity ever, if we learn and understand how and why. Which is both an individual personal issue, depending of own personal development and emotional intelligence (EQ), as well as a collective and cultural dimension to be aware of and respect. [Hofstede]

The key thing is to create a balance, between an “under reaction” by denying the real threat and “over reacting” because of overwhelming news from how public media serve the news.You do not need to turn on your TV for hours daily to get the updates. If you are keen on the real figures, you can get them directly from the source and take your time to draw your own conclusions.

Learn more on [] and get the right information from people with a real interest in revealing a truth, with decades of researching behind. Because don’t be naive – SOMETHING is going on – but I haven’t got the full picture either! [londonreal] [earthfiles]

The primarily awareness you have to raise is to observe how you feel and how you react. If you are not ill, you shouldn’t be afraid, but be observant and act as your local authorities’ ask of you. Avoiding FEAR and understand what is going on, is actually crucial. When you get it – you will be able to release your fear and replace it with a much healthier smile. Yes, some people dying (eventually we all will), but it doesn’t help them nor their families, that you are in fear. It actually puts you in a more vulnerable position health wise; you will get the picture of WHY from [Dr. Joe Dispenza].

We are all having inner work to do, for overcoming the obstacles in this worldwide experience. So much is said and being done. Each country are having their version on how to handle their local reality and each community is having their patterns and traditions for how they react, communicate and respond.

This is a very interesting perspective that has been studied for decades by the Dutch researchers Geert Hofstede and his son. [Hoffstede]

So let’s PLAY with it #SMILESAREFORFREE, no invoice, nor taxation #SMILESAREVISIBLE you just need to open your eyes, #EVERYONECANSMILE we do it almost a few days after being born, and #SMILESHAVENOAGE, you can #SMILEWITHDISTANCE and ad on waving , a smile is seen and tagged instantly, both sender and recipient share a pleasant experience – especially when including your heart.

For our leaders it means no Need for Conciliation, No Press Conferences, it’s Impossible to Abuse, and it’s Found in Infinite Quantities Once It’s Put Into Use …


Stay safe -and  keep physical distance

Now go share your smile

Happy Holidays


The best of Health, Wealth and Happiness

Katrine & Jens








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[Meet Dr. Joe Dispenza]

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