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In the world of today – many of us don’t take these symptoms seriously unless we collapses. We therefore ignore them and choose the solutions where we treat with painkillers or sleeping pills and continue our daily habits, busy with providing in our life, going to work to fulfil our duties and presumed expectations.

A few years ago, I learned that I’m a high-sensitive person. My experience became “the writing on the wall” so to speak. I felt a deep pain in the upper part of my back, which did built up over many months and ended with me collapsing on the couch, in pain and depression and first then I was sent to my Medical practitioner.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with a serious chronic diagnosis, which normally puts people into a wheelchair!

When you meet me today I’m not in a wheelchair, because I decided to be healthy and I did NOT need attention by being miserable but for sure my body needed my attention. My journey of discovery for the cause of my condition began. I decided I could make the changes my body was demanding. Luckily I was stubborn and steady on my quest and found the information and support I needed.

Throughout the years I have gained knowledge and learned simple methods I use each and every day. Today I am 100 % aware of what is the best for me and it is quite simple actually -for most of us actually! My message here is There is ALWAYS a cause to unbalance and illness. The cure can only succeed when you understand the cause and re-adjust what went out of balance!

Today -when I feel the slightest out of balance, such as being the slightest depressed, lacking of energy, sleeping badly or feeling any pain -I immediately act! The symptoms are the body’s sensors signalling to my conscious mind that something has to be changed. I know it’s all about the biochemical balance in my body, which with a few but efficient techniques and ingredients can be brought into balance and my fantastic body can re-create the balance naturally.

It’s no secret that my husband and I had to re-design our life after these experiences. I understood that I’m overly sensitive to many things, such as substances and situations. The biggest change was that I could not thrive in a corporate job any longer, so instead I had to create another way to make an income and therefore had to become an entrepreneur with a setup where I can work from home.

I need to care for my sensitivity which does’nt at all fit into a busy job in an open office space. I must admit that this was hard to swallow and for some time I felt like a big failure. Today I have another perspective on what happened. Together with my skills, knowledge and as a creative person, my sensitivity has actually turned to become one of my strongest assets.

A fantastic result of my insights besides me being well, is this blog you are reading right now. The knowledge I have gained was what me and my family needed when I was at my worst. So to be supportive to others that might go through something similar, I will share our journey, discoveries and knowledge on this site. It will be  filled with inspiration, motivation and possibilities for Life Design.

We do welcome you to follow us, for receiving inspiration and motivation for the design of your life, whatever the reason could be for you. Thank you for taking your time reading this.

The best of Health, Wealth and Happiness

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