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My Reflections over the last 4-5 days

Still being tired after 3 weeks [dealing with a flu] -makes me easily overwhelmed when trying to get things done -because I really need to get back on track!

So I started to take action with five bullets on my “to do list” for the day.

When I did a listening to an important replay of a mentoring webinar, I got a hint about upgrading our sites to a more secured platform with https:// “just” by installing a Super Easy SSL. Plugin – super easy! Ha – it took my attention on/off, during the whole day and some frustrations on the go, but I was rescued by super support from our provider.

In a replay of another webinar, I was introduced to a “super smart” time saving facility on how to follow updates easily, it’s named Feedly. Fantastic tool. I have put a link below. I did my research and decided to upgrade as a subscriber… Pressed the button for PayPal – just to realize the “PayPal Security Function” wanted to give me a phone call and therefore, I discovered the phone number on my PayPal account was a long gone old landline number… Oh no!

So another “too much time spent” on finding out how to change my phone number -after office hours! Which meant that I first succeeded with that part next morning after discovering that the login and the password, somehow was not related any longer either! WTF! Again, another “Password Pain”… But then I discovered that applying for a new password would give me admitance to my PayPal settings and here I could finally change my phone number!

I explored again how to handle the safety on passwords and especially “How to remember all your passwords!” and I had a good talk with my personal security engineer -Jens. A talk we’ve had for several years, especially back when all kids were living at home and everyone were online at our own LAN setup… But it could be a topic for a blog post another time.

Next bullet on my list – a follow up on another subject that is in my sphere of interest and I need to staying updated on… “Click here – join the free Webinar” bla bla bla etc. Just to discover that the link I got, takes more than 1.5 hours of listening! WTF – NO WAY – I jumped out – did close down all browser windows and went outside into the garden to do some weeding! Which by the way also was on my list.

My holistic perspective is that us being unique individuals in this universe which is working extremely fast, are able to understand and “become updated” so to speak on a few seconds. I know that when opening a window to the needed information, we only need to share the essence of the message and the rest will automatically float. That’s why we meditate… to open up the flow.

I find it indecent when people think I have infinite time to listen to very long speeches, for a message that could have been given within a few minutes. The same goes, if people repeat their message more than three times in the same section. It is with disrespect of other people’s time! While I realized this and got liberated my frustrations, I got an idea on how I will communicate my messages and stories, with awareness of the holistic perspectives.

I decided that I will never force people to listen to my messages for more than three to max 15 minutes. If it should be longer, I’ll split it into smaller sequences and just give the essence of my message and create links to more detailed information, which can be selected if and when needed!

And I will meditate much more – Thank goodness for meditation.

Thank you for taking your time reading this post

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