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Go green!

Every morning I go green… my husband goes green too, and we are addicted because it feels SO good!

Now what on earth is she talking about? I tell you – we start our day drinking nettle tea – each and every day 2 big mugs (½ a liter) each.  What I have been doing for 10 years – but my husband first started 6 months ago – and now he’s the first one in the kitchen who prepares the pot!  One more very green thing we do just after – we share half an avocado! Two mouthful each of this delicious green vegetable and our  stomachs and the whole system is up running in no time! And we feel great the rest of the day.

Another fantastic green fruit which aid your digestion system and your health in general, is the kiwi fruit! When the season is low on avocados – go look for the kiwi fruits.

We can divide people in categories of how they have toilet routines… We all know about how it feels not to get it done for days… and quite honest I have heard of people who only delivers once a week. A relief when it finally happens. Then there are people who makes it happen 2-3 times a week – lucky ones! But to be quite frank – If you have a proper functioning intestinal system, you are delivering solid substance minimum once a day!

If you haven’t tried anything like this yet … You must a.s.a.p. Now this could become an even more shitty-talk – but let me frame it short – if you have any kind of problems delivering the solid stuff – this is the solution that is working for us, so I’m sure it will for you too.

PS. Now don’t spoil the raw green healthy advice with any sugar, salt, pepper, mayonnaise etc. they are unfortunately just very unhealthy bad taste habits!

Nettle tea: 2 tea spoons (2g) for ½ liter   (If you can pick fresh leaves from your garden – 3-5 leaves is plenty) You can add some mint leaves if you find it too dull.

Nettle tea – as tea bags (Clipper tea) or your local Organic shop – your garden, Pharmacy etc.

Avocado and kiwi – you can get in most supermarkets

Good luck!

Best wishes of your Health, Wealth and Happiness



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