Create healthy chemistry and balance within your fantastic body!

What is very important for your health is to have a good balance between the alkaline and acid levels in our body. The lifestyle of today is far to acid for the body. We eat white bread, butter and cheese, meat, sugar, cakes, sweets etc. We drink coffee, wine, beer, soda and sparkling water – which all causes a lot of harmful stress because we get too much while the body really struggles to bring down the acid level. But also what you eat needs to be nutritious. Vegetables and fruits happens to be mostly alkaline.

A good lifestyle for being well is among others about how to support your body, keeping the chemical balance in order, so the body can spend its energy on reproduction and restitution in the self-healing system and create energy so you can do what you like to do. We can reduce the stress in our body effectively if we know how thing works and how to support the body better. So let’s focus on the alkaline / acid balance here.

What I do is – I drink a lot of plain water during the day! A lot is minimum 2 liters a day besides drinking my nettle tea! I do love my coffee so I have to compensate somewhere else. Exercise and walks reduce acid and creates alkaline too. I therefore aim for doing a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes every day… every 2-3 day it’s prolonged to 1.5 hrs (7 km). To breathe properly is what happens when we walk – but also I try to be aware and breathe deeply several times during my day. Then I love eating vegetables and we fairly eat meat any longer.

But one of my really good tricks is another morning routine, I do (while I make the 2nd pot of nettle tea…) I take half a lemon (organic) squeeze it into a jug (for ½ liter) fill in lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of organic virgin  Olive oil – this is SO good. The Olive Oil is anti-inflammatory, the lemon creates alkaline and the water supports the detoxification which now will happen. The result is amazing! You can see it on your skin, your nails get strong and flexible, and you might even start losing weight. Interesting about the weight – but facts is that the signal for the body actually needing more hydration (thirst) we mix up, so we think we need food and eats instead … and probably it was just the water we needed!

Another big problem we have today is the quality of the drinking water – we all need to drink pure clean balanced water of a much better quality. Bottled filter water is not even a guarantee for quality.

If this is all new to you – it might be many things for you to adjust – but after a while it’s just another habit – and you’ll  really notice the difference which is worth the work.

Good luck!

Best wishes of your Health, Wealth and Happiness


Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash


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