We are from Denmark and we have been a couple since 2002, together we are parents of five adult children. We are also Digital Entrepreneurs with skills from Graphic Design and Marketing to Engineering Business Strategies.

We like working as COACHING CONSULTANTS with positive people, entrepreneurs and business owners who generally are planning a life they love and who want to live out their dreams.


As Katrine was being cured from severe illness we decided changing the path of our life

We did experience a period out of balance some 12 years ago, as Katrine became rather ill and got a serious diagnosis. As we became aware on how to create the optimum health balance, we also realized that we had to re-design our life totally for achieving our dreams and becoming happy and fulfilled.

The classical setup with hours of daily commuting between home and long hours at jobs, was not working for Katrine any longer. We had to find another way to make things work. Katrine started working from home only, doing graphic design and managed her own time. Jens still worked with projects of his interest, within the corporate world.



In October 2015, Katrine noticed an advertise video on YouTube, introducing an education and build-in business platform for Digital Experts. A turnkey business but also a solution where we could implement more education to our existing interests. At the end of December just 2 months later, we decided to take new steps in a new direction, as we were being open to new solutions.

In January 2016 our life took a whole new direction! We could no longer pay our mortgage and we had to leave our house. A project we had invested time and money into, didn’t work out as planned! So to be in charge of our new situation, we made the decision to prepare the house for a sale. The things we would like keeping went in a storage room, the rest went as donations to the church. Tears were cried but reality was that we no longer would need to house a family of seven people, because all our five children had become adults and had left the nest.

Instead of being sitting and wait for a sale, we left behind the keys to the lawyer, filled our car and drove out of a grey and rainy Denmark. Started up our adventure with a re-design of our life, heading for a two weeks house sit in the South of France! What then happened are stories waiting to being told. But since then we have taken positive action on every offer we have been given. Meanwhile the house got sold and we are living our life like an adventure with a more balanced everyday and haven’t returned to Denmark yet.

Living in a new country has brought new insights and given us loads of new friendships in a community very different from the one we did leaving. We work as usual with consulting and coaching our costumers having the need for IT and marketing support. We operate as usual on-line, the only differences are that our meetings are still done during a sip of coffee but now by the screen via SKYPE.

We spend the time we need working and we are busy studying – like our adult children. We are extending our knowledge and are kept updated on the tools for optimizing our online business. The best part is – we have set our self free from the 9-17 job stress, we are working our own projects and are true to OUR VALUES.

We have time to deepen into our inner work and personal development -both as couple but also individual. We don’t watch television – we don’t need that frustrating experience. Instead we dive deep in subjects that interest us -online and the technology for watching films and news “on demand” are fabulous. We have good walks in our area and we explore the neighbouring villages and cities. We enjoy the cultural life and something is always “on” in our own town, -market days, -festivals, -exhibitions etc. France has so much to offer.

We spend time with people with an open mindset. We are outdoors in a much better climate – Katrine appreciate doing some gardening and Jens has also taken up his former profession as a carpenter, as there is a request for this around us. We are 100% in charge of our life. Every hour is spend on doing things that aligns with what we like to do. We support our friends around us, and are enjoying our life in gratitude. You can imagine we sleep as babies every night!

Last but not least we are preparing for future assignments as grandparents -as our family with great probability will be enriched with new generations. We have a goal to become those grandparents who have the time, energy and good health to immensely pampering, able to being present and creating wonderful experiences and doing adventurous travels all together.

Our life design has become an adventure and new stepping stones in our consultancy business. KAJE Life Design has evolved – and our MISSION is sharp as ever.

The best of Health, Wealth and Happines