WE ARE KATRINE AND JENS – the designer and the engineer

We are from Denmark and have been a couple since 2002; together we are Digital Entrepreneurs and Coaching Consultants, with skills from Graphic Design to Business Strategies and we are used to enter with fast and efficient action when needed.

We like working with positive people who need help to design and plan their business and life, while making their dreams becoming real.

When working with people, we often end up delivering solutions that reach out in many directions fulfilling needs that shows up when we start our conversations.

Sometimes it’s “hands on” assignments needed to be done. Other times it’s aligning concepts and creating Blue Prints, detailed Project planning and Management in a much larger scale. Every way it’s a matter of exchanging ideas, catch perceptions, and for us being realistic, honest and build the trust needed.

We share our experiences here on KAJE LIFE DESIGN and post content in the areas of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Because our experiences could become a great inspiration to others too.

By keeping focused and true to OUR VALUES and MISSION We have set ourselves free from the 9-5 job.

We welcome you to reach out with any question and comments, and if you need our support please let us know..