Our mission is to awaken people to take responsibility for their personal life.

We introduces mindsets and tools to designing a personal balanced lifestyle in the areas of health, wealth and happiness.



When we succeed in our mission, we support thousands of individuals to being in this world in a good personal balance and in creating more peace and love.




As a couple we aim for


  • We give each other the freedom to make own choices and to act responsible

Care and love

  • We love and care for the relationships we develop with friends and family

  • We give others the opportunity to grow balanced as whole human beings


  • We keep our promises

  • We are congruent (walk as we talk)

  • We meet other people as equals


  • We stand together in our business in developing a common philosophy and professionalism

  • We are creating a culture of togetherness, humour and creativity

  • We make agreements on what we do

  • We are loyal to each other


More of what we do value

  • CONNECTION • we know that there will always be a connection between the people we meet and us. “When the pupil is ready the teacher turns up” and you never know whom to be pupil and who to teach. • PLAYFULNESS • is important, because life is supposed to be fun. • KINDNESS • the best way to meet people and be in this world is in kindness, so we have taught our children. • TRUTH • is the best prescription to everything. • ADVENTUROUS • we choose adventure instead of the mediocre. We dare. • POWERFUL • It is powerful to be aware of who you are, and what you value, and look people in their eyes. • TRUST • we trust in people, we trust in the goodness in everyone. • BALANCE • To create balance is essential, mother nature is a perfect example in balance, night and day, winter and summer, activity and relaxation. • BRAVERY • we do not give up easily; parenthood is a good education, especially with twins. • LOVE • is the main source in life, love is everything, the engine for the whole universe. • INTEGRITY • we live in high integrity, and evaluate our values and our behaviour regularly, we are all responsible for a better world, and we can only make the change from within. We are the role models for our children. • VULNERABILITY • is not a weakness, but being fully aware and to ask for softness is a strength. • OPENNESS • we are very open-minded and know, that it is here the magic together with other people appears. • SPIRITUALITY • we work daily on our routines with meditation and practice awareness and healthy lifestyle, to be in the synchronicity and flow. • WEALTH • is the side effect of being in balance and having flow of joy and happiness – might show up as values to exchange for food, fun and experiences – might also appear as a feeling of gratefulness of being alive • CREATIVITY • Life would be boring without art • FORGIVENESS • the second most important tool after LOVE, to create the joyful life we want to live – we have to be able to forgive our self and others. • SPONTANEITY • we act spontaneously as often as we can. • INTELLIGENCE • is everywhere, in nature and in every cell of our body, even viruses act with intelligence – we can train our own awareness and extend our knowledge and the intelligence will naturally connect the dots make it work • PEACEFUL • we seek to solve issues peacefully. We enjoy the peacefulness our cats teach us all the time. • JOLLY • we attach every day with a smile and in joy • SIMPLICITY • we go for Zen and try to avoid to complicate things. • TEAMWORK • Together Everyone Achieves More. • HONESTY • we act in honesty and deep respect to ourselves, and to every other individual we meet on our way.