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Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Is one of your New Year resolutions to become healthIER in your daily life? Can be very easy to say, but overwhelming to implement! My advice is to just start up planning one meal at a time and have some handy and  healthy solutions like walnuts, some dates and a banana make you stick to your intentions. Step by step, your new plan becomes a good habit.

Let’s take a look at your Breakfast what do you normally do? If you don’t eat breakfast – I have to tell you that this is rarely what your body needs! The first step could be to implement something light and healthy… a slice of your favourite fruit and vegetable is fine, as long as you also drink plenty of water. You can get inspired from our green habits and try it out. If you are for a more solid meal, I recommend oatmeal or porridge of muesli with some fresh sliced fruits and berries, and variations are actually unlimited depending on the season e.g. some kiwis, melons, oranges etc.

As for Lunch – it’s a cultural habit depending on where in the world you live. We are in Europe. Here in France the culture is like in Italy, Spain and Portugal. A nice long two hour siesta from 12.30 – 14.30! All year round, so it’s not only about the heat in the summer. Everything closes down. Smaller shops, offices, Pharmacies … etc. People drive home to eat a proper lunch or they meet and go to a nearby restaurant and eat two courses and end with an espresso. Many nearby cantinas have special arrangements for the nearby working people and keep fair prices. The lunch break is sacred – you don’t disturb or make calls during these hours – it’s like the whole country takes a deep breath and calms down. Which is so healthy.

Quite a lovely change for a pragmatic Dane who normally never leaves the job for a break, but rather takes a sandwich while continuing working by the computer (YES very unhealthy!) The Swedes are better at this – they have a one-hour break and they have many restaurants open for lunch only. Even the children at school are served a hot meal every day. That means the whole family has been satisfied with a good solid meal during the day and can go lighter for the dinner, which again means less stressed dinner preparation in the families. I have always envied Sweden this model. The Norwegians are some between the Danes and the Swedes.

So, a nice and easy lunch in France “un déjeuner” when you go to a restaurant is “une platte d’jour” the todays menu, traditionally with a salad as an entrance and a main dish with some meat or fish stew and matching potatoes or rice. Could also be the main dish and a dessert like an ice or a cake, finishing with an espresso. Nice, ones in a while, but this would not work for me daily.

If you are to prepare your own lunch as we do, you can go super healthy super easy with fresh spinach leaves with olive oil and hard boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, sometimes tuna, other times some goat cheese, and a minimum of bread. Drink water… always water!

Your dinner could be just as easy peasy as the lunch. You could add a soup, cold in summer like Spanish gazpacho hmm. Warm in winter like French Onion soup, pea soup or tomato soup very yummy. You can always have some salad. Make an omelette etc. We have a solution that suits both of us … As we always have frozen broccoli and beans in the fridge, and always have eggs and Parmesan. Pour boiling water on a bowl of the frozen broccoli or the beans, fry two eggs for each, serve with grated Parmesan, organic olive oil, salt and pepper… well this is a great quick light dinner that only takes 10 minutes to prepare and you don’t get overeaten as well.

Bon appétit

Best of Health, Wealth and Happiness



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