How to take better action on ideas and have fun

Being a creative person, who has many ideas can be a frustrating situation, because to manifest requires discipline and most often creative people lack discipline! For a creative it may end up being nothing is done, just as for the person who is completely without any ideas at all.

I (Katrine) know of this scenario all too well, so does my dear husband Jens and he is much more disciplined and being patient with me.

Vision boards can be a nice creative method to start playing with ideas – whether you have some or have none, simply because letting your joy of seeing different pictures be the rule and you pick the ones that resonates without any deeper intention.

A great online tool for this process is Pinterest – here you can collect any picture you like just by searching for e.g. colours, animals, food, furniture, travels etc.

Another way is to participate in an event with 5-10 people where everyone has brought a pile of old magazines and placed them on the floor. Raise the energy with music and dancing and let everyone tear all magazines from each other and leave it all on the floor. Quite fun actually. Then start the process. Letting your eyes catch the colours and collect the pages that attract you. With scissors and glue, everyone now cut and sticking up ones favorites on each their own cardboard and magic can happen here… When you are letting out your inner creativity.

All of a sudden, you can put on the words and catch some dreams and ideas you can continue to work with in the future.  I did this several times and I have had vision boards hanging in my office – another way of programming your subconscious mind to reach your goals. Here we talk the Law of attraction.

When having some ideas you want to execute, you need a plan. Here it’s important to list up everything. Put it into an overview and then decide when you want it realized. There is a simple tool to check up on real goals called the SMART-goal model.

We have another great tool that works well. Have you ever heard about Mind Mapping? A fantastic tool we have taught several people during the years. I have put links below, to all the above-mentioned tools to learn more.

Being a creative person, I have realized that it’s not always my own ideas I have to work on. I capture very easily other people’s ideas. I become enthusiastic about people’s plans and see the picture immediately and even more clear than they do themselves. I can put in pictures, words and instantly knows how even the colours’ must be. Actually, people don’t have to have an idea yet because my intuition is so strong – that I can easily tune in and sense the possibilities, even after just a short talk! Should you need us to give you a creative feedback or if you need support in your planning  – please reach out here


It takes planning and focus to get a good result

But remember also to have fun


Best wishes of your Health, Wealth and Happiness




• Visionboards

• Pinterest

• Law of attraction

• SMART goals

• Mindmapping







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