What is the “Law of Attraction”?

When you hear people talk about LOA or Law of Attraction, they refer to these 7 universal rules within the “Law of Attraction”.

Learn all about them and get them into your full awareness of how the universe rules

The rules in short are:

  1. Unwavering Desire – literally be aware of what you do desire or curse
  2. Conceptualization and Imagination – important tools to re-program on a subconscious level
  3. Affirmation – constantly repeated affirmations is key to re-program your energy pattern
  4. Focus with Confidence – trust the process to achieve the confidence
  5. Profound Belief – you have to believe that it works
  6. Gratitude – being grateful and express forgiveness is very powerful
  7. Manifestation – what ever shows up in your life, is a manifestation of how you manage the 6 rules above

Think of the Law of Attraction as an universal law just like the law of gravity, it’s never turned off. It’s Not Magic and Scientists can explain how it works by examples, but not why.  However that doesn’t make it simple to understand, but much easier just to accept. Just like we think about the rest of this universe, do we need to understand why the planets are turning around? or can we just accept it…

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