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AVAST - Anti Virus - Internet Protection

Would you like to have a flexible IT platform matching your business needs? A well-functioning and economical solution that lasts and keep you going without worries?

Are you having headaches about -Security, -Storage, -Backup etc. Why not Invest in a few hours consultancy from us and avoid expensive mistakes when investing  e.g. “Equipment sold as a good offer – but appears to be outdated and not updatable on drivers”! We make packages with solutions from AVAST – an Anti Virus solution for protection and tools for facilitating “Managed Workplace.”

Book 20 minutes “discovery call” for FREE

All the best


Elegant Themes

Get The Ultimate WordPress Toolkit
For Web Design Professionals And Business Owners

Great customer support – and a very supportive FB group – Easy to use

ONE.COM - Hosting

Our favorite hosting provider since 2003
Danish origin and engineered

Services and support in 14 languages:
• Čeština (Czech) • Dansk (Danish) • Deutsch (German) • English • Español (Spanish) • Français (French) • Italiano (Italian) • Nederland (Dutch) • Norsk (Norwegian) • Polski (Polish) • Português (Brasil) • Português • Suomi (Finnish) • Svenska (Swedish)

• Hosting, Domains, Email, WordPress, Website Builder, Webshop, Office 365 Plus, Cloud Server…

Great service

Sticky Password

Our preferred PASSWORD Manager

When first implemented – it’s Easy to use

Covers ALL your devices …

TRELLO - GREAT planning tool

Trello is a great tool for creating an overview and plan your work – also as a team
You can access Trello from any device when online.
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