Time for the Sixth Sun – An Awakening Global Consciousness

… We all know that huge changes are happening on this planet, but I think that many times, we don’t understand how deep those changes go or how deep they have to go. We have maybe a habit of thinking, “Okay, the problem is essentially evil. There are these bad people in charge. There are, whatever they are. The politicians, the corporations, these bad bad things and if we could just eliminate them then everything would be fine.” But we’ve tried that before. It was called the Bolshevik Revolution. You try that, but what do you have happen? The same kinds of structures are recreated in just maybe a slightly altered form. We need a deeper revolution than that. It’s not about conquering evil. That’s a mindset that’s been around for several thousand years and it hasn’t worked. You can say that the revolution that we’re in the midst of now is a revolution of love and it involves a fundamentally different way of seeing the world. It goes all the way down to that level, to the level of who am I? What’s the purpose of life? What’s important? The answers to these questions are changing now, even the answer to who am I? You know, we are not anymore. We’re not these separate selves in a universe of force and mass that’s external to ourselves, but we’re connected beings… Charles Eisenstein

What’s our history?

…Everybody’s indigenous to somewhere. We’ve all got our indigenous roots to the land. And at some stage in history, everybody has had another force, another outside people come along and overtake their land and overtake their ways, their traditional ways. For a lot of the kids out there, they don’t even know that they’ve got a culture it’s so far away. They don’t even realize that, say, in England, for example, that there is an ancient Earth culture, that it’s been so far removed from their consciousness, from their parents’ consciousness, and their parents’ consciousness that it’s not even talked about anymore as if there has been a loss… Eshua Bolton

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– Katrine