If you are an empath meaning highly sensitive like I am, aura cleansing is vital to recreate your balance. It is not just people we need to protect our auras from, it is also electromagnetism from harmful electrical equipment and the harmful rays they emit. Just as we may attract the attention of guides and angels as we follow our spiritual path, we can also attract the attention of less desirable beings or energies. Therefore Clear your energy!

On my quest for raising my energy – this healing frequence also appeared on my YouTube channel. Give it a try, It is very powerful, just relax, listen and feel how it works.
This composition centres around 4 main vibrational energies of 417hz, 396hz, 4096hz and 7.83hz.  The 417 Hz: one of the solfeggio frequencies which removes negative energy from the body and wipes out negative thoughts and behaviour patterns. It can reverse and undo negative happenings. The 396 Hz: Also known as the frequency that awakens our root chakra it can dissolve negative thinking and break free from negative patterns. It grounds our physical and spiritual bodies to our earthly pathways making a clear path for us to fulfill our purpose. The 4096 Hz: Also known as the basis at which crystals emit their healing. This frequency can clear negativity and help reintroduce pure tranquil energies into our meridian and chakra systems. The 7.83 Hz: It is also known as the Schuman response for facilitating change, strengthening the aura and help us align our energies with the earth’s resonance, grounding and raising our positive vibrations whilst living a physical human life.
The best way to work with this sound healing, is by wearing stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies. Use this healing session for 1 – 2 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after. Find more on 3xw living-one-vibrational-energy. com
Highly recommended – with much love