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Now you can Download the 3 Balance Wheels – for inspiration and motivation to dive deeper… The wheels contains areas to contemplate and issues Katrine went through when she back then, had a period being unbalanced and was very sick. We share these informations with you as we have realized are important to all of us – for creating balance, health and well being. Without a good health you can not really create wealth nor happiness…

FYI we’ll extend the BLOG with informations and stories on the 3 categories – matching each wheel!

The links for downloads:


KLD-wealth balance-wheel-2017

KLD-happiness balance-wheel-2017

How to use the Balance Wheels


We LOVE to hear from you -and hope you feel for sharing your answers to these 3 Q’s:

Q1: Do the wheels inspire you?

Q2: Which wheel is your favorite?

Q3: Which wheel/statement/question did bring you an Aha-experience and what did you discover?


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