Katrine & Jens

The world has changed and so have our lives. Much is in an incredible development. Pretty much everything has become possible to access digitally. Never before has the world been offering so many opportunities and connections, as now. Fortunately. Formerly, a professional life was a choice between a good life or a long dead -that’s not the situation anymore. However, we have still not got rid of the need for bread on the table and money in the purse. But! Every day the development offers  new worldwide ways to generate an income. We have the opportunity to take individual decisions and bring us exactly to where we want to be. This in itself can be very scary, and people react very differently. Some gets stressed out, others become sick and someone goes completely berserk, but mostly it can be explained. To create a new foundation in ones life, requires a new mindset and for some, a changed focus. Many of us grew up with a frozen image of how things should be. But! The new paradigm and the new world’s increased awareness creates new ideas and new realities. It is a balancing act to take the new step and dare to go your way. We can join with that subject; we are in the midst of our own change. What we have learned is you cannot make the change alone. We need each other for support and new learning. But! Being open makes the journey much easier! We share with joy our experiences, how we have designed our way of life and our professional life, which is based on the digital platform. We are on the path of learning and perpetual education and to creating income, regardless where we dwell. We just need to connect our equipment to the Internet. The tools we use, we give on to others. Precisely in this junction of education and community, we have discovered a great forum of conscious people who want the same change as we do; Who work with tools, we also think is exciting and are within a framework of feeling and thinking -we have long sought. We will introduce you to our own mentors as you read on. If you need new inspiration and a re-design of your life, like we did? This blog can be the right place for you to get new inspiration. Why not? You are most welcome. Give us your email and Receive our Balance wheels tool and give yourself a check – and get inspiration directly in your favorite mailbox, as long as you want. Work with us – if you need our support. Katrine is the designer, she has tools for a better health, for graphic design, and copy writing, and she also  mentoring on the tools for working on the Social Medias. You can read more about Katrines special skills [HERE] Jens is an IT Professional on any level. You can hire Jens for projects, scaled from small to very large! Learn more about Jens [HERE] If you are already inspired – you can go directly to our toolbox, a platform for learning the skills to set up you own online business [HERE] We hope to inspire you in the designing your life. We are always eager to discus and answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to take contact [HERE] Katrine & Jens Please feel free share the love