Hi, nice to meet you

We are Katrine and Jens

We are also Digital Entrepreneurs, with skills from Graphic Design and Marketing to Engineering, Large System Implementations and Business Strategies and we are Danish.

We like to work with entrepreneurs, business owners and positive people who generally are planning a life they love and who want to live out their dreams.


WHY we made a life re-design

Being cured from severe illness by re-balancing made us change our path

We did experience a period out of balance some 10 years ago, as Katrine became rather ill and got a serious diagnosis. Back on track – we realized that our need of simple tools that works, is also what other people are looking for. Therefore we share all we know about regaining balance in life. If you are a health practitioner or having health-related issues, the story on how Katrine went from ill to well, might have your interest. You can get it [HERE].

Did you get our FREE TOOLS The 3 Balance Wheels? – If not – GET them right [HERE].

As we became aware on how to create the optimum health balance in our life and learned about which elements makes impacts. We realized that we had to totally re-design our life for achieving our dreams and become happily satisfied.

The classical setup with family-house-jobs didn’t work for us any longer. We wanted to be authentic and keep respect to each one of us as individuals, and be true to our skills and favorite assignments.

Besides being married since 2004, we are also parents of in total five adult kids. Their adulthood gives us a new freedom. But with five adult children, we are also preparing for a future as grandparents!


How to re-design Life

In October 2015, Katrine found another solution for working online, which met our demands for a business setup. It’s a build-in education platform and a community, with a mindset we had been looking for since 2002.

In January 2016, our life took a whole new direction! We took a new decision and filled the car. Drove out of rainy Denmark and ended up in the south of France! How that happened are stories waiting to be told. But since then we have taken positive action on every offer we have been given – and we haven’t returned to Denmark yet.

Living this way in a new country has brought us new insights and given us loads of new friendships. We work as usual with costumers having a need for IT and marketing support and we operate as usual from on-line, just the coffee meetings have gone digital too. We are learning a new language and we are also on a path of learning tools within the system we are working. All our skills are in game, even Katrine as gardener and Jens as carpenter. You can imagine we sleep like babies every night.

We are developing the platform for our mission which you can read right [HERE]. Our Life Design has become an adventure and a new step stone in our existing business. KAJE Engineering has evolved to KAJE Life Design – for Health, Wealth and Happiness. Et Voilá!

All this is possible because we decided being true to our self, open to learn and still use digital technologies and the Internet.

What to learn – where

You can get inspiration and motivation here on our blog, from the stories and the knowledge we share with you. Please note that the website contains affiliate links for tools that we work with on a daily basis, solutions that we recommend.

We are developing a business platform, where we are students on how to work online and remain being happy digital Nomads! It has proven to be the perfect tool for designing a work life that we love. Where we can meet new people, develop new skills and share our experiences. We have only just begun, but we dare to invite you to join us, as we have a very competent community of mentors and colleagues backing up. Are you curious? take a look [HERE]

Reach out, work with us, questions are always welcome – write us from [HERE]

Best wishes of Health, Wealth and Happiness

Katrine & Jens