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Playing the Matrix

The Laser-Focused Series Online Course


What does it take to step into the life of your wildest dreams? To experience happiness as your daily norm? To enjoy wealth and abundance and no longer worry about having or being “enough”? To achieve the level of health you want, the physical appearance you desire, deeply satisfying relationships, and soul-fulfilling work? *

Finding Your Life Purpose


Searching out this answer is one of the most important journeys you’ll ever take, because it’s all about finding the meaning of your life.

If you’d like to make your income with meaningful work, then this remarkable course full of meditations, visualizations, affirmations, prayers, and journaling exercises, plus other bonus material will help you to get answers and insights about your next steps.

Certified Clutter Coach


Clutter clearing is so much more than cleaning or organizing; it is the alchemy of life. It can help you heal, and it can empower you in many wonderful ways.

The Certified Clutter Coach Online Course is a life-coaching program that uses clutter clearing as the magical catalyst for life-changing results.

Writers Workshop

6 Week Video Online Course


A jammed packed course full of everything you need to get your book published! I loved the speaker in this course, especially Gabby Bernstein, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Kris Carr and Marianne Williamson.

You can take this course at your own way and pace which is nice. You can always go back and reference courses. Highly recommend. By Tara (Posted on 8/11/16)

Certified Crystal Reader


Did you know that crystals can …
• accelerate and amplify your intentions?
• boost your prayers and “lift” them to Heaven?
• help with your health, career, love life, and financial abundance?
• bring you peace and comfort?
• increase your psychic ability?

The course was so well organized with two of the most beautiful souls sharing a wealth of information on a subject that has always been close to my heart! I didn’t know I could learn so much in such a short time! Thank you, Doreen and Judith! God bless! By Yvonne (Posted on 5/2/17)

Loving Yourself


The first step in realizing your true power in achieving the love, the prosperity, and the relationships you’ve been longing for.

“Doing Mirror Work is one of the most loving gifts you can give yourself. I am so happy that we can share this life-changing practice with you.”
Louise Hay

Every single human needs to do this course. No matter how much you do or don’t love yourself. I did this course a year and a half ago. It came at the perfect time  into my life and helped me tremendously.
By Victoria on Dec 11, 2016

Angels of Abundance

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

Highly Recommend by Roberta -I loved this course! I think it’s great for both beginners and those that are more advanced at manifesting. It’s something you can go back to and watch over and over because there are so many gems in it. I am definitely enjoying putting the recommendations into practice and am already experiencing more abundance. Thank you Doreen and Grant! (Posted on 4/25/17)

A Trainer's Guide to Infinite Possibilities

A Certification Course by MIKE DOOLEY

Imagine a life where you have everything you want and you wake up each day with a smile on your face because you truly love your life.

Don’t settle for a life that you dub as unsatisfactory. You can literally have the life of your dreams. The Universe is waiting for you to take the next step, so you can have everything you truly desire.

The best part about discovering the key to creating a life of happiness and love is sharing it with those around you. You can become a Trailblazer with Mike Dooley and help others on this journey to self-success.

SFM • Startup Bundle

Imagine that you: 

  • Generate revenue around your individual lifestyle instead of having to put your life on hold working endless hours at a workplace
  • Have the ability to live anywhere you like while earning a good income
  • Have none of the heavy overheads that come with a traditional business
  • Have skills you’ll be able to use for any number of income generating projects
  • Have more freedom to do your own thing

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